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      Guide to your Raymond James statement

      Raymond James is committed to providing investors clear, in-depth information about their accounts as well as consistent, high-quality service. That's why we offer you two options for viewing your account information. The Executive Overview Statement shows only the most important information, while the Comprehensive Statement provides a more detailed view.

      Executive Overview Statement

      Our Executive Overview Statement delivers a streamlined version of your statement that is:

      • Focused on essential account information
      • Delivered in a simple, easy-to-read format
      • Printed portrait-style

      A guide to your executive overview statement (PDF)

      Comprehensive Statement

      Our Comprehensive Statement offers more detailed information including:

      • Essential account information
      • Cost basis and date acquired
      • Chronological sorting of all activity
      • Charts and graphs that provide additional information
      • Printed landscape-style

      A guide to your comprehensive statement (PDF)