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      USDA Financing

      Experienced partners for strategic development.

      The tools rural communities need to grow stronger – to construct essential facilities, to invigorate a local economy, to improve basic services – are well within reach. And we help local leaders use them wisely. The Raymond James USDA Rural Development Finance team works with communities to chart a variety of development projects, including water and environmental projects, community facilities, and business and industrial endeavors. Overall, we have managed more than 1,100 USDA projects totaling over $7 billion.

      Full-service Capabilities

      • Underwriting
      • Private placements
      • Financial advisory
      Learn About Our Services

      Areas of Expertise

      • Water and Environmental Program (WEP)
      • Community Facilities Direct Loan Program
      • Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program
      • Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program
      Learn About Our Program Expertise

      Borrower Type

      • Healthcare
      • Higher education
      • Charter schools
      • Utilities & municipalities
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